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Diagnostics and repairs done on site, wherever your car is, I will come to YOU!

John Seeber is dedicated to his craft. It’s simple. He loves cars. Call John now and we’ll book you in for a consultation.

      Electrical problems




Stay safe - if there is a light on your dashboard, that means that there could be something seriously wrong with your electrics. Let John find and clear the fault and where necessary, make any repairs so that you and your family stay safe!

      Air Conditioning



Times are changing, the past few summers have been the hottest on record. Keep your air con in tip top condition. 

Your air con can also be used in winter to un fog your windscreen.

John will come to you, make sure your gas is full and that the system is running perfectly.


John uses the latest mobile diagnostic technology, which means he can work on cars both young and old.

Call John now if you have any warning lights you need cleared.

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